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Christophe Boelinger is a prolific game designer and game artist from France. His most famous game is ''Dungeon Twister''. Boelinger is credited as the designer of over 60 board games or game items. He is known as a fan of theme, unique styles, and fantasy settings, stating that he always searches for the theme of a game first except for abstract games.

Games that Boelinger has designed or co-designed include the following: *2000 ''Halloween Party'' (2000 Concours International de Créateurs de Jeux de Société, winner) *2001 ''A Dog's Life'', a very thematic roll-and-move game about dogs *2002 ''Fantasy Business'', players manage shops to sell fantasy equipment *2004 ''Dungeon Twister'' (2005 International Gamers Award for General Strategy, 2-Player category, winner) *2005 ''Miss Monster'' with Ludovic Maublanc (2005 Kinderspielexperten for 8-to-13-year-olds, 2nd place) *2006 ''Faerie Tales'', a strategy and fantasy board game *2010 ''Earth Reborn'' (2011 International Gamers Award for General Strategy, 2-Player category, nominee) *2011 ''Sarena'', an abstract strategy and bluffing game *2012 ''Archipelago'' (2012 Swiss Gamers Award, Game of the Year) *2013 ''Dungeon Twister: The Card Game'', a two-player-only version of Dungeon Twister using only cards *2016 ''4 Gods'', a real-time tile-laying and world-creating game In 1998, Boelinger won the Simulation Game award with his unreleased game Grande Surface in the Boulogne-Billancourt Game Designers Contest. He started designing games around the age of seven or eight with no intention of becoming a game designer. In Nice, France, Boelinger had a very large gaming club whose members encouraged him to get some his prototype games published. He has also run his own game publishing company with Ludically, although he had his games published by companies from several different countries. Some of his favorite games have included Go, ''Dungeons & Dragons'', and ''Magic: The Gathering''. Boelinger is also known for being an active sportsman, dancer, and singer. Provided by Wikipedia
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