Tobias Churton


Tobias Churton (born 1960) is a British scholar of Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry, Gnosticism, and other esoteric movements. He has a Masters degree in Theology from Brasenose College, Oxford. He is lecturer at Exeter University, and author of ''Gnostic Philosophy, The Magus of Freemasonry, and Freemasonry'' and numerous other works on esotericism.

Churton has made several television programmes, including ''Gnostics'', a 4-part drama-documentary series made for Channel 4 (UK) by Border TV (together with an accompanying book) which was broadcast in 1987 and repeated in 1990. Churton's studies include critique of heresiologists' perceptions on the role of women in these "unorthodox" Christian movements.

He has also written about John T. Desaguliers, Rosicrucianism.

Churton's biography of Aleister Crowley was released in 2011. Subsequently, he has published four more biographical volumes on Crowley - ''The Beast in Berlin,'' ''Aleister Crowley in America,'' ''Aleister Crowley in India,'' and ''Aleister Crowley in England: The Return of the Great Beast,'' the last biography being due for official release on 7 December 2021. Provided by Wikipedia
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